Is Your Family Ready for More Space? Here's How to Upgrade Your Home

Is Your Family Ready for More Space? Here's How to Upgrade Your Home

From Raleigh to Topsail Beach, real estate offerings provide residents with lush green surroundings and a wealth of space. If your family is outgrowing your home, you have a lot of exciting options. Upsizing your home may mean finding a property that extends beyond the realm of standard real estate listings. Luxury homes are spacious and often feature open floor plans that make the most of the available square footage. These properties are also usually in prime locations and have desirable features that can improve your family's lifestyle.

If you're wondering how to expand your home, you need to learn more about how to buy a luxury property. A luxury home purchase comes with a bigger price tag. The market is competitive, and your home search will likely require a little extra research. By preparing for the process, you can be sure to find the luxury home that will meet your family's need for extra space and gain some extras you may not have anticipated. These tips can help you navigate your luxury property purchase.

Learn how the luxury homebuying process works

Buying a luxury property follows the same basic process as a standard home purchase. However, there are certain nuances that make each step of the process a little more complex. For example, it's not uncommon for luxury homes to go unlisted, which means you'll have to take extra steps while conducting your property search. Each property also has specific features that make it a luxury home, and you'll want to determine which of those features are most likely to meet your family's needs.

Before shopping for a home, you'll want to learn everything you can about the search requirements for a luxury property. It's also a good idea to learn which neighborhoods in your area are most likely to have homes that meet your square footage needs. For example, neighborhoods in Fuquay-Varina, Holly Springs, and Raleigh offer premium real estate options.

Tap into personal connections

If you've been browsing MLS listings, you may have noticed that not many luxury properties are among them. That's because luxury homes aren't always found on the typical real estate boards and websites. They're often sold through less public routes to protect the privacy of the property owners. To find a luxury property, you may need to find more online sources and expand your search network. Talk to friends and family members about your plans to find a luxury property and seek referrals to connect with local real estate professionals.

Work with an experienced local buyer's agent

Finding the right real estate agent could give you the inside track to luxury properties and a successful homebuying experience. To get the most out of your luxury home search, you'll want to find a real estate agent with experience in the luxury home market and the location you're most interested in. An experienced real estate agent can guide you through the entire buying process, from searching to closing. They are also likely to have connections and inside knowledge about available properties you might not find elsewhere.

Prioritize your home wish list

If you're seeking ways to expand your family's space, square footage will be an important factor. Along with the home's square footage, you may want to consider individual room sizes, storage space, and the added room provided by outdoor living spaces. On top of the added space your new luxury property will provide, it's a good idea to consider the other amenities you're likely to gain. Commonly desired features in luxury homes include:

  • A highly desirable location
  • Smart home features
  • Bonus rooms like a home gym, movie theater, or entertainment room
  • Stunning views
  • Luxurious features like spa bathrooms and chef kitchens
  • Resort-style outdoor spaces and swimming pools
  • Large property lots and privacy

Protect your investment with title insurance

Title insurance protects you against fraudulent claims, errors, or title defects that could contest your ownership rights to your home. During a real estate purchase, a title search is completed to ensure the seller has full ownership of the home without liens or encumbrances. However, it's possible for some issues to go undiscovered in the title search. Title insurance protects your ownership rights against claims that might arise in the future.

Every real estate transaction should be protected by title insurance, and most are because your lender will require you to have enough insurance to protect their investment. Luxury properties come with a bigger price tag, which means you should also consider the importance of protecting your own investment. There are two different title insurance policies to consider. The one you'll be required to purchase protects the lender's investment. The other option is an owner's policy that provides coverage up to the purchase price of the home you're buying. An owner's policy is an investment that can give you peace of mind during the time you own your home.

See the real deal with an in-person property tour

Modern technology has substantially improved how buyers search for homes. Expansive portfolios of photos of the home's interior and exterior, landscape pictures taken by drones, and virtual tours make it possible to see almost everything a property has to offer. Still, a purchase of this magnitude requires an in-person visit during which you can inspect every part of the property for yourself.

Sellers will do everything they can to make their listings look attractive. Luxury home listings often depend on the efforts of a professional photography team, landscapers, and interior decorators. Professional photographers know how to use space, camera positions, and lighting to enlarge the appearance of a room. Interior decorators often stage luxury homes to enhance the home's appearance before photos are taken. In other cases, a property may not photograph as well as anticipated, and an in-person visit will show that the home is even more appealing than the listing portrays.

In any case, an in-person tour will give you an accurate view of what the property has to offer. You will have the opportunity to examine the materials that make up the home, the space available, and the amenities that will enhance your lifestyle.

Partner with Karen Dupree to find more room for your family

The luxury property market in popular Wake and Harnett County neighborhoods is highly competitive and challenging to navigate on your own. When you're searching for a luxury home to meet the needs of your growing family, you need a seasoned real estate agent in your corner with experience in the luxury real estate market. Karen Dupree has been a licensed real estate agent since 2001 and has extensive experience with helping clients purchase spacious, high-end properties in the Raleigh area. If you're ready to expand your family's space with the purchase of a luxury home, get in touch with Karen to learn more about available properties.

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